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          • Bookstein Hall College of David Nazarian Business and Economics

            Help For SFV Businesses Dealing with Pandemic

          • Presidential White House

            Presidential Race Not as Simple as It Seems

          • Protestors in Minneapolis. Photo by Brandon Bell.

            Student Captures the Birth of Movement

          • Close up of mask.

            Ideology is Shaping Responses to Pandemic

          • 网赌正规网站网址 as One

            网赌正规网站网址 Details Plans for Fall Semester

          • Close up of Matador Statues face.

            Donate to the MataCare Emergency Fund

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          Portrait of Tyrone Carter.” border= After Spiritual Awakening, Tyrone Carter Works to Serve His Community

          Tyrone Carter swallowed his nerves and strode into the room, dressed in a full suit and exuding confidence. Carter took the podium, facing the 网赌正规网站网址 University Student Union (USU) board of directors. The board was electing a new chair in July 2019, and Carter was nominated. Carter and his fellow nominees had to state their case before the board would vote on its new leader. Continue reading about how Tyrone Carter Works to Serve His Community.

          Poster from the movie, The Help. 网赌正规网站网址 Film Professors Raise Concerns about Movies’ ‘White Saviors’

          In the week following George Floyd’s brutal death and the ensuing Black Lives Matter protests across the nation, “The Help” was the number one trending movie on Netflix. Continue reading about Film Professors Concerns about Movies’ ‘White Saviors’.

          Chart of health benefits. As Grant Nears End, 网赌正规网站网址 Officials Assess Impact on Health of Community

          When the $895,000 grant was first awarded four years ago, California State University, Northridge officials envisioned creating a program in Canoga Park that combatted obesity by providing nutrition education, promoting physical activity and working to create a healthier environment for low-income individuals and families. Continue reading about Impact on Health of Community.

          DACA mark and gavel. Supreme Court Ruling Saved DACA, but the Fight Continues for Undocumented Individuals | 网赌正规网站网址 Experts

          In a long-awaited decision, the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 to overturn Trump administration efforts to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which protects hundreds of thousands of undocumented individuals who immigrated as children from deportation. Continue reading about the fight for the DACA program.

          网赌正规网站网址 honors four exceptional graduates. 网赌正规网站网址 Honors Four Exceptional Graduate Students for Thesis and Project Work

          网赌正规网站网址’s Division of Academic Affairs has selected four exceptional 网赌正规网站网址 graduate students as the winners of the 2020 Distinguished Thesis/Graduate Project Competition, with each receiving a $1,000 award and recognition from the university. Continue reading about 网赌正规网站网址's Four Exceptional Graduate Students.

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